on beauty in the church

I think there's something missing from most modern evangelical churches and it saddens me. Art in the church like these amazing windows is not something I've experienced on Sunday mornings. I mean, just look at them. Achingly breathtaking. I imagine they would be highly distracting to me. I'd be lost in the beauty. Yet drawn closer to His presence somehow. To the Divine Creator of all beauty.


John Piper says,
"There is in the human heart an unquenchable longing for beauty. And I am persuaded that the reason it is there is because God is the ultimately Beautiful One and he made us to long for himself. Even the most perverted desire for beauty—say the desire to watch the excellence of strength and speed and skill as gladiators hack each other to death—even this desire is a distorted remnant of a good yearning which God put within us to lure us to himself. And we can know that our desires are remnants of this urge for God because everything less than God leaves us unsatisfied. He alone is the All-Satisfying Object of Beauty. Only one vision will be sufficient for our insatiable hearts—the glory of God. For that we have been made. And it is for this we long, whether we know it or not."


And he is right, this beauty I long for is really the glory of God.  His beauty lures.




And, yes, even if my church's walls are grey and blank, I'm still privileged to behold His beauty in the faces of the redeemed.


Why was I in this beautiful Catholic church on a Monday afternoon, you ask?  I was working.  You may already know but I'm a florist.  Those words stick in my throat somehow because I'm firstly a wife and a mom and a keeper at home and an educator.  But, since I was 15 I've been putting flowers together, working for someone who's had a longtime business out of her home.  And after the kids came and took their rightful place as priority #1, I've only helped her out on a very emergency, on-call basis (yes, I've said this before...sorry!).  So, on Monday she was thousands of miles away in New Orleans and needed me to "take all the red stuff out of the cathedral arrangements and replace with white flowers for All Soul's Day".


And while I was arranging, the rif-raf helpers were doing this, as captured by Daddy...


I pray you have a wonderful day beholding His beauty, a reminder of Him, wherever your feet carry.
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you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!