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Sorry. I know it's been quiet here all week. The kids and I took a spontaneous trip to visit my parents before the snow starts to fly (when it won't be quite as easy to zip over to Chicago). (By the way, I know you feel this, too...it's tiring coming home from being away. The unpacking...bleck. But as unpleasant as unpacking is, I know that if I don't get it done right away, bags will sit and sit and sit. While there was no rigorous schooling taking place yesterday, I did manage to get unpacked and fill the cupboards with food. Ahhh...)

My plans for our short visit were ambitious this time. We hardly ever go into "the City", prefering to relax and laze around my parents adorable small town. For excitement sometimes we'll take the train to visit my Dad's work and the narrow popcorn (+candy) shop a couple of suburbs over.  But I realized lately that my firstborn has reached the age I was when I made such vivid memories at the Museum of Science and Industry downtown Chicago. I remember being enthralled with the human body slices and the babies in stages of development.  I remember walking through the model heart and the sound of my feet on the concrete floors.  The miniature fairy castle had me wide-eyed with it's teeny-tiny plates of food.  So, I was sure that now was the perfect time to take the kids on an adventure to the museum.  My mom directing the way, off we went....

The building which now houses the museum was originally built for the Chicago World's Fair (or known as the World's Columbian Exposition) in 1893 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus.  Isn't it beautiful?


the great train story...30 trains winding from Chicago to Seattle
You remember how I love miniature things, right?

hee hee




braincompetitive relaxation...theta brain waves move ball into opponent's area


complete circulatory system (real!)

14 weeks old




the U-505 submarine.  One of only six German submarines captured during WWII.  Amazing and HUGE.  The museum built the room around it...you can see a time lapse video of that here if you're curious.

And thanks to Bob, the most knowledgeable tour guide ever!



one of the kid's favorite things, the science of storms room, so much to see and do

With sore feet and memories made, it was time to bid adieu to the MOSI until the next time.  How we saw God there!  His creative hand, the knowledge He's given to man, His orderliness, the power in His creation.  You are the Creator of all science and industry, God...You're awesome!

One last tidbit...
I've always considered myself to be a confident driver, directionally savvy and self-assured behind the wheel.  Well, I was humbled by downtown Chicago driving this time as we circled around Michigan Ave. looking for a place to park...in the dark and rain and rush hour.  We finally threw monetary caution to the wind and decided to park right at the Hancock Building because we wanted to eat at Cheesecake Factory (yes, yes, I know, a chain restaurant but the chicken costolleta and lemoncello cream torte are OH SO GOOD).  I don't know what came over me but I just about had an all-out panic attack maneuvering my big old Suburban up, up, up the spiral parking ramp (lookie here!).  I felt like I couldn't breathe, my heart was racing, my eyes were watering, I was gripping the steering wheel for dear life with the kids all laughing at me from the backseat....laughing!!!  I had visions of careening over the edge or scraping the sides or getting to the top only to be too big to fit into a spot without crunching something.  And for the privilege of all that fun, I got to pay more than my meal.  Good times.  At least the kids made a happy memory of it.

oliver with his (super-duper healthy) meal of fried mac-n-cheese balls

Oh but it was a wonderful visit.
Time spent with Papa and Mormor.
An adventure had and a memory tucked away.

What memories are you making today?


May you see Him in it all,

(yes, the favorite latte again, my traditional "road trip to Chicago rest stop". mmmm...so good)
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