leftover turkey pot pie

Leftover turkey? How about making a turkey pot pie? Mmmm....easy comfort food.

Honestly, I've never made a turkey pot pie but chicken pot pie is a regular around here. There's no way to say this without sounding like I'm gloating so I'm really sorry but my chicken pot pie is goooooood. And I love how it's a whole meal in and of itself. So, I'm quite confident that turkey would be just dandy in place of chicken.

Do you remember that in my cooking (but not in my baking) I'm not a recipe follower, not a precise measurer? Be forewarned that I'm very loosely calling this a recipe...I guess it's more like general directions. :)

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

Prepare your veggies. I precooked the carrots a bit. Maybe you also have leftover veggies you could use?


Roughly shred your meat into large pieces.


For the veggies I used, I first sauteed the onion, then the mushrooms, then the asparagus for just a minute and finally the carrots which were already cooked.


Then I seasoned with salt and pepper, thyme, sage, and a bit of cayenne pepper (which I add to most every savory thing).  If fresh herbs were still growing in the garden, I definitely would have used those instead.

Next I sprinkled a generous amount of flour (maybe 1/3 cup) over top and stirred to coat.  This is my shortcut way to make the thick and creamy sauce I'm looking for.....which happens when you add...


the liquid which should either be heavy whipping cream or half and half if you're feeling really guilty.  At least a cup.  After the dairy is added in, I then add either chicken stock (or broth) or white wine (a bit at a time).  The liquid bonds with the flour and thickens as it heats.  You add the liquid a bit at a time because you want to ensure it stays at the right thick consistency...not too runny.



Taste.  If the seasoning tastes just right, pour into prepared crust. (I always use the Pillsbury crust that comes rolled up, 2 per red box, which is very tasty but, of course, homemade crust would be preferable.)


Lastly, place the second crust over top, pinching tight to seal the edges,....


slit the top to vent, and place into your hot oven to bake for 15-20 minutes until the top is nice and golden and the insides are bubbling.


Guess what? It was dark when this pie came out of the oven and we were all SOOO hungry....
so, there's no finished picture!  Sorry!
You'll just have to trust me when I say that it was lovely and gone by lunchtime the next day.

There you have it.  Use up your turkey (and cranberries and corn and green beans)!

Did you know that I'm thankful for you??  Well, I am!
Have a wonderful weekend, eyes wide open to see that ALL is GIFT from Him!
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