The weatherman forecasting 40 degrees up there, we packed snow boots and winter coats and face-covering hats and warmest gloves and snacks to warm those still-small boys from the inside out.

reelin' it in

Three generations headed up north to chase after the elusive salmon and make memories while Mom and little girl and I had a "girl day" puttering around here, puttering around the antique mall and thrift store, lunching at Panera by the fire, soup and mac-n-cheese warm in our bellies.

daddy & papa with o
(my Dad)

We all met back here that night, full with a day well spent. A day that was a gift. A day I'm hoping they'll tuck away and remember when they're grown. "Remember that time we went fishing with Daddy and Papa and we got to reel in those huge salmon and make our very own fire?!"

e fire

boys fire

Turns out we didn't need to worry about all the winter gear. The sunshine warmed and they shed even their sweatshirts.

reelin' it in 2

daddy e

I'm giving thanks to God here for the beautiful day He gave and for so many other gifts.....

#606. sons reeling with all their strength
#607. my Dad helping them build a fire
#608. and capturing the day with his camera...Mommy's souvenirs
#609. welcoming home with, "We had the best time, Mom!"
#610. Mormor gifting L with tiny table and chairs for tea-partying in her room
#611. said table all set up and tea party with boy cousin on Sunday
#612. one perfect milkglass bowl for each child for only $1
#613. moving Veteran's Day service at church honoring valiant men, our dads included
#614. bright sun warming on a cool day
#615. birthdays celebrated
#616. cake with cheesecake filling, mmmm
#617. cold and cough medicine + ibuprofen
#618. teaching school from the comfy chair under the soft, knitted, orange blanket
#618. HIS strength when I am weak

holy experience
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