waiting in hope and the monarch

First things first...
This morning, when the dawn was just peeking over the horizon, I read this verse (heard from God) and thought maybe it was for you to hear today, too,
"But as for me,
I watch in hope for the Lord,
I wait for God my Savior,
my God will hear me."
Micah 7:7

He hears. We wait in hope.

Speaking of waiting in hope....we had patiently been waiting and watching for this amazing fellow to emerge and we were not disappointed when he finally did...

emerged overnight

monarch eli

We carefully carried him outside....gossamer painted wings still drying. The animal-adoring boy urged Mr. Monarch onto a hot pink fading zinnia to rest and let the sun harden up those wings.


Squealing, we watched with glee as he took off, fluttered about, tested out those wings and found that they were sure, that they could carry (hmmm, there's an analogy there...). He rested on two of the kid's heads for a while before we gingerly placed him onto a sturdy purple wildflower and said our goodbyes.



Keeping our eyes on him from a distance and the weather so very lovely, we goofed about in the garden for a bit...harvesting sunflower seeds, playing with the chickens. And, yes, my second-born is on top of the chicken coop. He just shimmied up the side.  He is truly a talented climber...it's a gift! :)

he shimmies up the chicken coop

he shimmies up the chicken coop

to harvest the seeds

friday afternoon

chicken jump!

ready for seed harvesting

seed harvesting girl

chicken begging

garden toad

We feel so graciously blessed to be able to spend s l o w time outdoors together as a family part of His creation, giving glory to God the amazing Creator!

Joining with you waiting in hope today,
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