I heart whoopie pies.

You know whoopie pies, right? Those delectable chocolate cake cookies sandwiched with white filling. Buttercream if my Mom is making them but marshmallow cream is the norm.  And my Mom and I always called them whoopsie pies....I guess we were wrong all those years?  I don't care...it still sounds cuter.

My BFF gave me this great whoopie pie cookbook recently.  Isn't it adorable? Who knew you could make so many different kinds of pies?!  Peanut butter-chocolate ganache, lemon, graham cracker-s'more...mmmmm.  But jalapeno cornbread whoopie...not so sure about that one.

whoopie pies cookbook

With said friend and fam coming over on Saturday night, I decided to try the pumpkin whoopies with cream cheese frosting.  See how perfect they are in the cookbook photo...all smooth and round and tied up with string?

pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese frosting

Well, mine didn't turn out quite like the picture but the kid's said they were tasty.  I'll freeze the rest tonight because I'm freakish about baked goods NOT drying out.  I was able to make a loaf of pumpkin bread with the leftover pumpkin, as well.

I'm not going to type out the recipe because you can see it in the photo, right?

pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese frosting

We also made some homemade playdough (store bought can't compete!) that we scented with cinnamon and cloves, colored orange and named pumpkin spice playdough.  I've used this great recipe in the past for chocolate playdough but I used this one for the pumpkin.

The best is when it's still warm from the pan, gooey and fragrant squishing through your fingers!  (Please forgive the terrible nighttime photo...yikes!)

pumpkin spice playdough

Oh-no, all this pumpkin-spiciness has got me craving my favorite latte again but I've already had my once-weekly treat this week.  Patience, Megan, patience.

What are you cooking up lately?
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