healthy and looks like fall around here

After three full days (and nights) of the stomach flu, waking this morning, feeling well with the sunshine streaming golden through the window, I was giddy with thankfulness! Ahhhh....thank You, Lord!

peekaboo gourd

Fingers itching to shoot photos, I had snapped some around the house last week, catching some bits and pieces of how I decorate for autumn here. Rosehips from the woods brought in. Hibernating doilies and fabrics brought out. Cool grey pumpkins bought from the lady down the street.

rosehip wreath

love this grey pumpkin


fall front hall

doilied pumpkin


Peekaboo....(and yes, that book again....a $.25 thrifted treasure!)

peekaboo pumpkin

peekaboo orange

I've also been....
resisting my all-time favorite, nothing-can-beat pumpkin spice latte by brewing my own coffee in the mornings,

brewing my own

priming and painting some things around here, lightening up with lots of white,

doing a little...

finding sweet things at the thrift store all for just a buck,


like this perfect, vibrant vintage sheet that I'll use to back the duvet cover I'm making for Lucy,


and reading. As it usually works, all my library holds came in at the same time! I read Sally Clarkson's "Dancing with my Father" through on Monday (a joy!) and was whispered blessings by Elisabeth's words in "Keep a Quiet Heart". I have yet to open up Sally's "The Ministry of Motherhood" and am putting off David Platt's "Radical" until last. That one's been here before but I've never been able to finish it.

library holds all came in at the same time

And, now I'm off to enjoy this day of health (so grateful!) and my children and the library and that golden sun and that radiant Son.

May you see His blessing in ALL today!
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  1. The Ministry of Motherhood is so good. I have read The Mission of Motherhood several times and led it as a study. So inspirational and encouraging. Sally Clarkson rocks!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!