red barn, red tomatoes and a feisty whippersnapper

round barn

Round barns dotted the countryside on my road trip last weekend.  We squealed and screeched around a corner to stop and take a look at this one which had been turned into an agricultural museum.



The log cabin was beautiful with a huge stone chimney but the outhouse completely freaked us out with it's fake granny and grandpa sitting in it.  Ewww....

We were all laughs and squeals (again) when we saw this tomato truck on the road.  Are we the only people that have never seen one of these before?  We decided the tomatoes must have been headed to the ketchup factory.  I couldn't figure out how the tomatoes on the bottom weren't completely squished.  (Note to all you blog-reading tomato farmers: more info please?!)  I don't know why we thought this was so funny...it just was...and IS...I mean, look at it...it's too cute with it's happy, smiling tomato.  And we were giddy when we saw another one on the way home!

tomato truck

On another not-quite-completely-unrelated note, say hello to Dakotah.  Unfortunately, he's not ours (boo-hoo) but he lives a hop-skip-and-a-jump away, behind us, over the creek and through the woods.  

Can you tell?  Dakotah LOVES apples and there are apple trees on the way to visit him!  We've been visiting him almost every day.  The kids crack up when he slobbers their hands trying to get the apples.  He's a frisky fellow....

apple slime

and just look at those mysterious eyes, velvet snout, wry smile.  The kids and I would love to have a horse but the logical,wise husband insists that horses are money pits, unlike cows which we could raise for beef.  Not that we can have any more farm animals where we live. (Remember our chicken fight?)  Oh, to have ducks like Tonia's (her lovely post makes me teary), pigs like Ann's, a cow like this beauty.  Maybe He has that in store for us down the road?

wish i knew what he was thinking

feeding the neighbor's horse

For now, we're going have fun loving on this feisty whippersnapper!

I hope you have some feisty whippersnappers in your life to love on!
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