quietly content

brilliant red berries
feeling quiet this morning

candle flickering next to me

scenting the room with hazelnut cream

cloud-covered sky just lightening

pumpkin-colored, fuzzy-soft blanket warming my lap

kids still tucked into beds

spindle berries
I've been thinking about how He is all-sufficient.

Here's an excerpt from something I read the other day (on contentment) that reminded me of what always needs to be reminded....
"Nothing can separate you from God's love. God is enough for time. God is enough for eternity. God is enough.
The question is: "Do we really believe that or do we believe that we need God plus something or someone else, that we need God plus a bigger house; we need God plus children who are walking with God; we need God plus a husband; we need God plus a husband who is a spiritual leader?" Hannah Whitall Smith, having experienced so many disappointments from an earthly point of view, came to the conclusion that God is enough.
This has been a challenge for me to learn, as I am still learning, to experience that reality in my own life. I believe that God loves us so much. He is so committed to our learning that He is enough that sometimes He just presses us into circumstances where we find that the things we've depended upon just aren't there or they are not sufficient. They don't satisfy. Out of those disappointments come the greatest conviction of God's goodness and His sufficiency." (italics mine)

-Nancy Leigh DeMoss
young goldenrod

I tap out a list of His gifts here and am continually telling Him, "Thank You for this and thank You for that," but sometimes I just need to chew on the fact that even if every gift was taken away, EVERY GIFT, He would still be enough.  His gift, Himself, would still be there.
So, as I add to the never-ending list, the overflow of my heart, I'm ever mindful that 
He is truly all I need.

#539. freedom from the chains of sin
#540. His Spirit indwelling
#541. His beauty surrounding
#542. His love all-encompassing
#543. His wisdom whispered
#544. His strength given
#545. hope
#546. earthy relationships that represent a picture of Him here

#547.  freedom in Him and grace, grace, grace

(full Francis Chan sermons here)

daily bread

Focusing on His sufficiency...true contentment found.
All grace abound to you this day,

holy experience
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