A bit over four years ago, I was lying in the darkened room with my husband at my side and the ultrasound technician was running the wand over the warm jelly on my belly and she says, "Oh, I can clearly see the sex of the baby.  Do you want to know?"  Did we ever?!  Yes, please!

We had been blessed with two boys already.  I LOVE my boys!  I LOVE boys!  They crack me up.  They keep it real.  They get dirty.  They fight. They live life to the fullest.  They want to protect.  They take risks.  They want to emulate Jesus and David and their Daddy.  And they love their Mama. :) So, of course, of course...I would have been thrilled to add another boy to our family BUT

my heart




A daughter.

SOO very badly.

Pink sweetness in my arms.


So, when the technician told us that there was definitely a little girl growing inside me, after the many assurances that she was indeed correct, I had a tsunami rush of happiness....of thankfulness!  I'll never forget that feeling.  One of the happiest moments of my life.  I was in shock (fully expecting blessed son #3).  

I remember saying in my still-shocked state to several people that I was overwhelmed by God's goodness and that I felt entirely undeserving of this blessing...a daughter.  Yet, I had boldly, awkwardly, sheepishly prayed for her...trying to justify in my own mind asking God for a girl when he was already giving me the amazing gift of a child!  Like God didn't already know the desires of my heart before I spoke them aloud to Him!

Isn't that just the case?  I AM undeserving.  Yet He LAVISHES!

"He who did not withhold or spare [even] His own Son but gave Him up for us all, will He not also with Him freely and graciously give us all [other] things?"
Romans 8:32 Amplified




So, this day, as I continue to type out my thanks to God in this space, will you indulge me as I thank Him for all that He's given me in her?

#507.  a daughter completely different that I anticipated she would be....uniquely her...certainly not like her mama when she was little
#508. her fearlessness and fortitude
#509. her chattiness and curiousity
#510. her hazel eyes
#511. her prayers




#512. her brother love
#513. her spunk and pluck and silliness and occasional sassiness
#514. her unruly golden hair
#515. her desire to learn and help
#516. her sensitivity and soft heart towards discipline




#517. her, "Mommy, can I help cook?"
#518. her, "Mommy, put me to bed and read me a story?"
#519. her funny way of saying the letter "R"
#520. her, "Can I pet your dog?" and animal loving joy (we walked along a lake boardwalk today and had to stop at least 15 times to pet dogs passing by)
#521. the skip in her step when she's off to play with friends
#522, her compassion, empathy and capacity for forgiveness

#523.  the days with her growing inside...wiggling...stretching (herself and my belly)...hiccupping
#524.  every single day that You've entrusted to me with her...1,458 joyous days so far.....every one a gift

Oh, I could go on and on...
I think I'll go snuggle her while she sleeps instead.

gumMay you delight in the sweet blessings that He bestows today!


*In case you didn't know, I join in with brave Ann and a whole community of gratitude-givers on Mondays seeing all and listing out our never-ending gifts from God.  Clicking on the button below will lead to all the Halelujah! lists...

Also, FYI, Ann leaves for Guatemala this week with Compassion and would you open your heart to follow and read and listen and truly hear from God and be broken....and would you pray for her and the team, as well?

holy experience

*photos: her family party this weekend, cake modified from this idea here
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