first day and her away

first day three

We officially started our schooling at home back up again last week.  Has it only been a week?  It seems much longer than that!

first day three

I've been taking so many pictures lately that I can't keep up.  Thus our "first day of school" pictures over a week late.  (That may also have something to do with the fact that I've been purposeful about getting to bed earlier and telling myself, "No, you may NOT start editing photos at 10:00 at night.  You NEED to go to bed!")

2010 names

first day

brothers 2010

boys goof

So, I'm not a huge proponent of preschool.  I just don't think it's necessary.  I see it as something more fun than educational or needed for a four-year-old.  THAT SAID, my just-turned-four daughter is a social bug.  She LIVES for friendships, for playing with other girls.  First thing upon waking in the morning she asks if she can go play with the neighbors down the street.  I had just been planning on her being at home with us, naturally learning right along with the boys, gently teaching her the alphabet, playing games, etc. (and we still will do that) BUT last spring we learned that a Christian preschool was going to open up RIGHT across the street from our house.  As in, I'm looking beyond a field directly at it right now.  Thus is the story of how our Lucy is now going there two days a week for 2-1/2 hours.

walking sister to school


looking a little nervous

Walking her over there, coffee in hand, barefooted boys blazing the path is so much fun!  It's also fun for me to see the boys missing her a little bit, telling her, "We love you, Sis!  Do good in school!"  And it's nice for the boys to have the teacher to themselves for a couple of hours one day.  (We start Bible study tomorrow (with 150 homeschooled kids!!), so we'll just have one day at home with her away.)

love that we can...

Anyhow, our first week went smoothly partly due to Mommy's new "up-very-early-and-organized" routine and MAINLY due to His grace!!!

May you see His grace in all your
comings and going today,
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