finding more hours

morning clouds

laying down new morning habits for myself = blessing.

seeing the sun rise, painfully-great early exercise, getting stronger, HOURS to myself, quiet!, unhurried time with God to read and pray and listen and journal, cooking (and blending up) healthy breakfasts, planning other meals, preparing for school, and sometimes even photo-editing and a little blogging done...all while the kids are still sleeping like the babes they are.

ahhhhh...my attitude is sunnier the rest of the day.

morning, ahhhh....


please don't hear me making a list of accomplishments as to sound self-important or puff myself up.  this doesn't happen every single day.  i still fight the desire for just a "little more" sleep (and am very tired at night). but FOR ME just being up before the kids has been quite a goal accomplished (never, ever in my whole life being an easy early-riser, but more of a night owl).  FOR ME, it's been one of those times when I've wondered, "now, why didn't i do that sooner?"

steel cut

i've found so much more time for REAL things. and, OH, how the doing brings me such contentment.

something baked. something sewn. something prepped. something cleaned.  someone fed.  someone read to or with.  someone served.

"autumn's coming," the wind's been blowing through the windows and the weather's turned cooler the past few days.  fall is my favorite...VERY favorite season.  the hunkering down at home.  the beginnings of new habits.  crunching, bustling leaves.  apple orchards.  soup and bread.  it's just past labor day and i'm already gravitating towards baking (thus the great need for the painfully-great exercise).

making plans for baking


bread slice

recipe found here from my perennial favorite, practical cookbook.


dutch apple oven pancake, HOT from the oven, scarfed down shortly after this shot.  i modified a recipe like this one...adding pecans and brown sugar to carmelize along with the apples.




oh, mmmm

and, YES, we're all very uncivilized, digging in, sharing one plate (ok, platter) ...don't judge.

digging in

five minutes later....

5 minutes later!

lastly, i thought i'd share the tutorial i used (modified) to make the little birthday girlie's dress.  aren't online tutorials GREAT?!



vintage tomato pincushion


may you make the most of the hours you've been given today, finding contentment in Him and in all He gives your hands and life to create this day.
p.s. please remember to pray for the Compassion team in Guatemala and you can follow them here.....
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