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My weekend away was wonderful.  Five hour's worth of driving flew by between the laughter and music and conversation with my best friend.  We've been friends since 6th grade and there is nothing quite like knowing and being known.

vintage wallpaper in the bakery

Never ones to be in a rush to get home, we stopped at this cupcake bakery we happened upon which was adorable inside.  Unfortunately we found that it was all style and no substance.  The buttercream on the lovely cupcake pictured below was not the mmmm, satiny french style but butter and powdered sugar - wayyyyy heavy on the sugar.  Oh, well....Lucy enjoyed it when I got home!

cupcake (not-so-great)

We found time to stop by this antique warehouse place, as well, which was a treasure trove of fun things...not filled with the standard tchotchke you always seem to find at antique malls.  


fun stuff

I'm not kidding....it was probably 102 degrees in there and I was hobbling on one foot (you can see in the pic below - my poor right heel could not live inside that shoe for one second longer) but we were determined to make it through the whole store...sweaty and blistered but glad we did.  We never fail to have a good laugh at one of these places or leave without some small treasure.  Squealing, I was thrilled to find that pull-down map that I'd been looking for - in perfect condition and reasonably priced, too!  You'd think I'd hang it in the school room or the boy's room, but, no...it's happily the centerpiece of the living room wall for now.

map that's now on my wall

morning view

night view

Yes, my friend and I had tons of fun and laughs and the best meals and enjoyed being away from home and relaxing but this weekend was really about hearing from God and spending some concentrated time in worship.

("O Church Arise"...you can see/hear it here)

I came away with many thoughts, much wisdom to chew on like these from my notes,

Nancy Leigh DeMoss taught from Titus 2,
"A true woman is tethered to the Word."
"Lifestyle proves or disproves beliefs."
From Titus 2:4-5 "Our home is our first sphere of influence where we live out the gospel priority of love...a testing place for true love."
11-14 "Without grace you will strive and struggle. Cling to grace and the cross. Others will say, "Show me your redeemed life and I'll take a look at your Redeemer."

Janet Parshall showed us the wisdom of Mary's example,
"Love expresses itself in terms of obedience....not my will but Thine."
"A servant is completely emptied of herself. Filled by the Spirit. Prepared to say YES from safety to trust."
"Mary had expectations but God had perfect plans."
"Struggle is delayed obedience, fear."
"And Mary pondered these things in her heart."

Crawford Loritts taught from 1 Peter 2:15-17,
"Don't give the world the same kind of supernatural agape love that God deserves and don't expect from the world the kind of love only God can give you."
"The world is not neutral. Pleasure competes for our hearts."
"Anything in my life that causes me to lose enjoyment of or desire to do the Father's will is worldly."
"If our lifestyle continues to reflect the world, are we really lovers of God?"
"Live your allegiance!"

And I was encouraged in many other areas including being a wife and mom and follower of Christ.


So while it may seem to others that I'm trying to find happiness in trips or friends or cupcakes or vintage maps, I'm truly solely tethered to Him and the joy of His salvation and remarkable daily grace.  Every other pleasure is entirely additional gift.

At home, basking in the Son today,
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