why it's (almost) too quiet here

Bug spray? Check.  Flashlight? Check.  Swimsuit? Check. Water bottle?  Oops, we forgot that at home.


They wanted to go.  First time campers.  Away for two nights.  Firstborn excited to make new friends.  Secondborn happy that his buddy is with.

got right to playing

Daddy and Mommy and Sister went about the evening.  Going out to dinner without them.  Coming back home with them not here.  Only putting one to bed.  Only one story read.  Empty bedroom upstairs.  


We all feel incomplete.  Like we're missing a limb.

Yes, we've been away overnight from them before.  But it's always been a grandma or grandpa putting them to sleep.  And these brothers haven't slept in separate rooms since they were babies.  Tonight they tucked themselves in, cabins away from each other.

first time campers

But, OH, how I smile and take comfort and rest knowing that Christ is never away from them.  Or from us.  And we are all complete in Him.

firstborn first time camper

And they get to be boys and laugh loud and run wild and play hard and glory in the Creator's creation!  While learning a little bit more was it is to lean on Him, trust in Him, go to Him, their Abba Father.

And that's what Daddy and Mommy are learning a little bit more, too.
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