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I've been a busy beaver away from this screen.  A good friend of ours, someone who is truly just like family, owns a produce brokerage business and a while back he asked me if I would design a trade show booth for him.  He requested something that looked like a farmer's market.

So, I've been happily hunting and gathering and dreaming about roadside produce stands and farmer's markets (like this colorful one) for a month now.  And today we set it all up for the food show that takes place tomorrow.  Here's what I came up with...(Please, please overlook the horrendous photo quality.  I was tired and sweaty and under fluorescent lights.)

**Updated:  My display made the paper...see here.








Would you make a U-turn if you saw a produce stand like that on the side of the road?  (I would!)

As I look at these photos, I'm itching to reach in and change a few things.  I could fiddle and fuss and fiddle some more and never be satisfied.  But I'll have a chance to do that tomorrow morning when I'm the official free-bag-passer-outer.

So, it's off to bed with me!
Sweet dreams to you!!!

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