thoroughly drenched

"As the deer pants for streams of water, 
so my soul pants for you, O God."
Psalm 42:1


My soul pants.

And I'm quenched.
Day after day.


Thoroughly drenched in the cool, constant streams of His love.
The ceaseless springs of His grace.

crossing 2

creek siblings

I walk in His sanctuary and see Him, smell Him, reach out to touch Him.
I watch these children, His little Image Bearers, and marvel.


creek study

creek walk
"For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd;
He will lead them to springs of living water."
Revelation 7:17

log flare

look, mama


He LEADS to springs of living water.  That means I have to be looking for Him to be able to follow.  I have to SEE Him.

OH, how He shows Himself in a thousand different ways every day of my life.

And the listing continues here.....

#478. just one more leisurely weekday in the woods
#488. frogs and smooth stones and ice cold water
#489. the smell of pines and oaks and wildflowers

#490. bakery treats
#491. an idea in my head actually turning out
#492. satisfying work that leaves you exhausted in the best possible way

#493. satisfying work at home, too
#494. warm, clean laundry
#495. his hard work and one clean garage
#496. my first lawn mowed EVER...just for fun!

#497. a husband who brings home our favorite doughnuts
#498. a husband who makes the best smoothies
#499. tastebuds!
#500. dinner with best friends...knowing and being known

#501. peace from You, Lord, about starting school again
#502. encouraging words from strangers yet sisters, used by You
#503. the cutest baby mouse found in the shed, brought in the house, named Mr. Jingles, admired, escaped, found, then set-free
#504. one more week with her, my baby, being three years old (mindfully soaking her and her three-ness up)

#505. Your Word that gives light and preachers who BOLDLY teach it
#506. Your awe-inspiring creativity in Creation, Lord!!!





honey bee


Won't you walk with me into this week with eyes wide open?

Like my humble friend always reminds....
ALL is grace,


holy experience
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