zucchini and fish

chocolate zucchini cake

The zucchini are sprouting up seemingly overnight.  So, needless to say, we are swimming in them.  I'm not complaining!

They've been going into pasta and bread and into friend's hands.  The kids enjoyed this cake I made the other day from, funny enough, a recipe site called Chocolate & Zucchini.

Even with my sweet tooth, I only had one slice...that one pictured up there was gone roughly 30 seconds after the camera snap.  The rest of the family finished it off over the next couple of days because I'm admittedly freaky about baked goods being fresh, fresh, fresh.  I only like chocolate chip cookies within 24 hours of baking.  Dry things give me the creeps.  Is that weird?

chocolate zucchini cake

baker in the making

Yes, I have my own personal sous-chef.  If she hears the clanking of bowls and the mixer start to whirl, she comes running, "Can I help make, Mommy?"  While she does like to help, what she's really after is a lick of batter or a spoonful of dough. A girl after her Mama's own heart!  

She left me halfway through to go paint with brothers.  They're into painting fish lately...studying a picture, sketching it out in pencil, retracing with permanent marker, and then filling in with watercolors.  Eli painted quite a respectable brook trout the other day.  Of course, I didn't get a picture of it.

kids painting

Well, I must cut this short and head off to packing and bed.  In the midst of my week of not wanting to do anything, the kids and I are making a little road trip tomorrow to my parent's house to visit my American cousin who lives in Sweden and her family who are in town.  It's so much fun watching all the kids together....my kids marveling at their Swedish-speaking second cousins.

May you all be abundantly blessed today with family and food and His everlasting grace,
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