summer's ticking away....

Do you know that it is almost August already??!!?  What?

It's shocking to me how fast summer flies by.  When I was little, summer seemed to last an eternity.  The neighbor kids would play outside until after dark and I, the supposed-to-be-sleeping me, sticky hot in my bedroom with the oscillating fan, head underneath my roller shade, sweaty chin resting on my hands, face pressed against screen, would watch fireflies out my window.

The time tick-tick-ticking away is pressing on me.  I'm feeling the need for no commitments, no plans, no going anywhere if at all possible.  I just want to BE summer with the kids here at home.  Discover all the textures in the jungle out back...the fuzzy cattails with their spiky smooth leaves.  Lounge in the backyard blow-up pool surrounded by wildflowers and tall weeds.  Watch the chickens bug hunt.  Make homemade ice-cream and enjoy drippy juice popsicles.  Let the kids stay up late one night to show them His amazing starry expanse.

I want to point out to them all the gifts God pours down on us every single day.  I continue to list them here....

#429. cracked but salvageable (like me!), vine-ripened tomatoes....hot from the sun
#430. continuing harvest
#431. rain to water
#432. secondborn's carrot picking joy even when they're not ready yet ("But look how long it is, Mom!")

#433. the japanese beetles aren't THAT bad
#434. chicken entertainment
#435. windmill swooshing
#436. sherbet-colored zinnias...my favorite part of the garden every year

#437. flowers to cut and bring inside!  constant reminders of His creativity!

#438. putting my feet up
#439. sunshine streaming through windows
#440. editing photos (yes, a gift! I so enjoy it!)
#441. chocolate chip oatmeal cookies warm from the oven for sharing
#442. plate that brings memories of the precious gift-giver

#443. moments of sight
#444. every ticking second....grace!

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