small town snippets

I like small towns.

My small-town-love probably started with Walnut Grove from Little House on the Prairie.  Fresh out of the bath, wrapped up in my pastel bathrobe, I would watch and take such pleasure in Oleson's Mercantile and Doc Baker's office, the lumber mill and the school/church that anchored the town.


Oh, how I dreamed of walking through the fields to school with my metal lunch pail swinging, stopping  to see Mr. Oleson at the mercantile for a piece of penny candy, and after school, running over to visit with Pa at the lumber mill (when he wasn't home farming, that is).

I live in a suburb, not a small town.  There's a huge difference between the two.  There's no town within walking distance.  Sure, there are a plethora of stores very close ... but they are just that...stores...disconnected with no heart.  So we drive to get coffee and we drive to the library and we drive to the bakery and we drive to church.

Now that I'm writing this I remember that I have walked to the grocery store before...over a couple of streets, past Costco, across the Home Depot parking lot, next to Michael's and MC Sports, down the sidewalk-less connector road, through the mall's sea of asphalt, across Meijer's ridiculous million parking spaces until I was finally through the door.  So, walking to the grocery store is basically asphalt door-to-door.

May I share with you my dream home situation?  It's a dichotomy of sorts.  My husband loves me in spite of my seemingly contradictory preferences.  I envision us living in an old farmhouse on 5-10 acres, sunny around the house, woods on the fringe, creek running through, smiling red barn and (here's where the unrealistic part comes in) all within walking distance to the most adorable small town that could exist where we could get our groceries, share a coffee with a neighbor, have pie at the diner, wander through the sprawling antique mall, check out books from the library housed in the old one-room schoolhouse, carry hot casseroles to the pot-luck at church.  Ahhh....bliss.

Well, it's fun to dream.  Please do NOT hear all this as complaining.  God has us just where He wants us to be for now...a suburban home with a creek and plenty of room for our chickens and veggie garden.  Only He knows what He has in store for us in the future.  Whatever it is, it and HE are GOOD!

Do you love your small town?  Email me!  I'd love to hear about it!  Here are some pics I've taken recently in and about some fun-to-wander small towns (sadly, not close to my house, though).....

Oh...to slip into the quiet here...

...and sit here with the kids in summer evenings, ice cream dripping down their hands.

Wishing you a positively wonderful day....whether town, country or both!
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