no more white knuckles


jump! splash!

After much panicked, pleading prayer and white-knuckled gripping of the steering wheel, we finally made it home from our vacation.  With 326 miles yet to travel, our truck started sputtering out and then lost all power.  My husband expertly maneuvered it over to the shoulder, turned the key to OFF, waited a couple of minutes, then started it back up again, looked for a break in traffic, and floored it back onto the highway.  This continued every 10-15 miles for the ENTIRE way home!  Which equals a total 14 hours of travel...8 of sleepy boredom and 6 of knot-in-the-stomach dread.

"Oh, Lord...please don't let the truck die by this guardrail with NO shoulder!  Please, Jesus...help us make it across this bridge.  And around this curve.  And up this hill.  And through this construction area.  And definitely beyond those chunks of metal and hunks of tire I see up ahead on the shoulder!"

And time after time after time His answer was YES!  He carried us!  We were never without Him!  Duhhh....how could I forget?

So, tonight I just needed to type out my thanks to Him here in this space.

The rest of my list of graces (of which there are many, many) will have to wait a couple of days to be posted here.

Now, I lay my head down to sleep.....resting in Him....no more white knuckles.

(And this is what He showed us this morning....leaving the Virginia hills...)

sunday sunrise

holy experience
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