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We came back from vacation to find the garden overflowing.  It never ceases to amaze me that we can EAT things that just a couple of months earlier were simply tiny seeds pushed under the dirt.

I love watching my husband in the garden...weeding, checking, tenderly caring.  He has a natural affinity for tending the land.  He'd rather be out there than most anywhere else (not counting a winding river with a fly rod in his hand).  My own farmer husband.

Even though we live on less than an acre and in a neighborhood, we like to think of ourselves as farmers.  We like to dream about being able to keep more animals than just our three chickens.  How we would plant a pumpkin patch and serve cider and s'mores to the families that would come picking in the brisk fall.  But we plant and tend and make the most of this patch of land we've been graced with.

There's so much satisfaction in eating a meal made from veggies that were on a vine only moments before.  Using this recipe from a lovely soul, I made a tasty pasta dish last night using our beans and tomatoes and zucchini and basil and chives.  I did modify the recipe a tiny bit with the addition of a dash of cream, a glug of balsamic, and a sprinkling of Amish gorgonzola.

Oh, YUM.....

last night's dinner

last night's dinner

Have a delicious day!
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