a farm state-of-mind

A place we revisit again and again...

...lazing about and imagining it's ours for an afternoon.

All the wonderful wheat harvesting going on over here has got me in a farm state-of-mind.  You remember, right, that I'm a farm girl at heart?

Can you smell the sweet hay and aged timbers?

Can you feel the history?

Just look at her spots!  Artwork, I say!

And quite unrelated but still interesting, I found this crazy leaf last summer while visiting the farm from above.  I had no idea what those freaky bumps were until someone on Flickr shared with me that they are called galls.  Have you heard of those?

Apparently those bumps are surrounding growing aphid nymphs.
You can read about them here if you're so inclined.

And one more random thing...how I wish I could go to this flea market!  Do you think 2,300 miles is too far to drive?  Barn style...ahhhh.

Maybe we could just move into a barn like she did.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!
(I'm off to do this again tomorrow.)

May you SEE His everyday gifts!
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