everywhere we go

broken butterfly

Yes, it's Friday not Monday, the day when I normally join with Ann's Gratitude Community in listing a smattering of God's gifts to us for the week.

Monday I was simply grateful to be home and alive.

But now I want to take time to remember our vacation full of gifts.

It doesn't have to be Monday to count His gifts, right? :)

The list goes on and on and on....

can you spot the oliver bird?

#407. his tree-climbing joy

perfect day

#408. sunshine hot on skin
#409. wind blowing and lake spraying on faces
#410. riding on top of waves

blue-tailed skink? salamandar?

#411. iridescent blue-tailed creatures...pet for a week
#412. studying Your creation up close
#413. his carefully constructed habitat...gathered stones, sticks, moss

swim to shore

#414. deep green water
#415. cool relief
#416. stones perfect for skipping


#417. Uncle's new toy...saying "yes!" to "take me for a ride, Daddy?"
#418. firstborn who wants to be like Daddy

wouldn't want to fall into there!

carp feeding

#419. creepy yet cool carp
#420. boys brave letting carp attempt to swallow their toes
#421. littlest one's fish feeding excitement
#422. the best sweet iced tea

brothers climb

jump brothers!

#423. conquering climbers
#424. Daddy's safe jump

broken butterfly on l's hair

#425. poor injured but beautiful butterfly (the best accessory)
#426. cloud-filled valleys
#427. home again

cloud valley

#428. everywhere we go, we SEE You, Lord!!!

It's never too late to start the count!

holy experience
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