speckled beauty found

FAIR WARNING:  If you are adverse to looking upon dead animals, dead birds in particular, you will NOT want to scroll any further down!  This post contains photos of us examining a very beautiful bird who just happened to be dead.

We were startled awake the other night at 1:00am by the blaring tornado siren.  Waking the boys and scooping up the little one, we took refuge in basement storage room...waiting out the sirens and oohing and aahing over the lightning, thunder and wind.  All ended up well...there was no tornado or damage.  Just a fun memory made.  (I have vivid memories of my parents waking me in the night and huddling underneath the stairs wrapped in my Holly Hobbie blanket.)

The next day Mr. Man called me outside to see the poor, dead bird that had apparently flown into the side of the house.  He was laying motionless, head askew on the cement patio.  We brought him up and upon examination we realized that we had never, ever seen a bird like him around here before.   

I took pictures.  Mr. Man searched the vast internet to try to identify our mystery bird.  It shamefully took us 20 minutes of clicking to figure it out!  Do you know the name of this lovely fellow?

After we figured out what it was, we emailed the photos to my bird-knowledgeable Dad, quizzing him, "How long will it take YOU to identify this bird?".  Well, he knew RIGHT AWAY that it was a Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker!  He just knows things like that (right, Dad?). :)

We're off now to those amazing sand dunes again with my camera this time...yay!  And then this weekend holds working for the florist setting up for four more weddings and most importantly, celebrating Oliver's seven God-given years on this earth!

Celebrating every little and big gift with you today,
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