second-born seven years

Seven years ago yesterday, God brought our secondborn into this world. Our firstborn was birthed via c-section and that's why I so vividly remember how shockingly warm this boy was when he was placed on my chest. The first words I said to him were, "OH! You're SO warm!"

Coming just 17 months on the heels of his big brother, our firstborn, I had a hard time imagining that I could possibly love another child as much. Would I love him the same? Would I have to work at it? But, of course, I saw that pink, round face and my heart exploded....doubling in size...making enough room to accomodate love manifold.

Now that warm baby is a little man in the making who looks not very much like his blue-eyed, chubby baby self.  

He's a boy who seemingly constantly has ants in his pants.  A boy who will play with his little sister for hours.  A boy who can shimmy to the top of any light pole or swingset or tree faster than you can say, "Be careful!"

He's a boy who looks up to his big brother but moves to the beat of his own drum.  A boy who never complains about hand-me-downs.  A boy who would rather draw than read.  A boy who is a talented wild animal handler...who would like to be Steve Irwin when he grows up.  A boy who offers Jesus thoughtful prayers.  A boy who is endlessly curious.

He's a sweet and salty boy who asks for a pirate birthday and scavenger hunt and requests BBQ chicken drumsticks and banana bread for his birthday meal.

A boy who doesn't notice or care that his present is wrapped in a brown paper grocery bag! :)

He's definitely a boy who NEVER, EVER fails to make us laugh.  And who has a sister who is just as goofy as he is!

I get these waves of feeling like, "today 7, tomorrow 17".  I'm so very mindful of how fleeting his childhood is.  I can still just barely hold him.  He's still stumbles up to me for a groggy but cheerful hug every morning.  He still asks me for a kiss at night.  

I'm infinitely thankful to God for giving us the gift of Oliver, a one-of-a-kind creation.

"Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,
the fruit of the womb a reward."
Psalm 127:3
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