sand and grace

"And Joseph stored up grain in great abundance,
like the sand of the sea,
until he ceased to measure it,
for it could not be measured."
Genesis 41:49

Storing up a remembrance of His abundant gifts.  Considering them.  Listing them out helps me to SEE.  

#373.  sand sculpture etched out by Your finger
#374. quiet waterfalls of sand pouring warm through my fingers

#375. children happily coated
#376. swaths of black and tan....His painting
#377. the cool of water on burning hot feet

#378. crisp shadows
#379. bees on blooms
#380. lush forest
#381. exploring family

#382. a daddy who will carry his girl on his shoulders up a dune like that
#383. and who will sprint to catch up with the run-ahead kids while mommy takes the scenic route down
#384. lunch eaten on a beach towel

#385. beautiful birds of the air
#386. strong legs to carry
#387. a time to work, a time to play
#388. keeping fresh in my mind that the time with children young is fleeting

#389. blue-green, cool, fresh water
#390. made-for-adventure boys getting braver, risking danger, gaining reward
#391. safety...carried in His hands
#392. grace, grace, God's grace

(bank swallow smile :)

"God bless you and keep you, 
God smile on you and gift you, 
God look you full in the face 
and make you prosper."
Numbers 6:24-26
(The Message)

holy experience

May you look full in His face today and SEE,
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