We go once every summer, her and I.  Leaving bright and early, driving the 38.5 miles to be one of the first out of the gates.  The antique market....although some people's booths are more flea than antique.

The girl and I wander our separate directions, both magnetically pulled to things old of our liking.  I hone in on the sky blue bench with simple lines and rubbed-off paint.  Just as I'm reaching into the zippered pouch attached to the camera around my neck for the money to pay the seller, another hunter tells the woman that it will go home with her.  The sad-for-me, victorious-for-her SOLD sign's affixed to the bench that I was imagining in my front hallway, shoes stacked neatly below.

We're in tune, this friend of almost 24 years and I.  At her gasp and quickened step, I know she's seen the same shabby coral cupboard that I've spied.  There's no need to question, "What do you think of that?", with us.

We both wordlessly know that you hurry bathroom breaks and don't take the time to eat anything until after every booth has been inspected.  She KNOWS that I like that metal pie display shelf because she likes it.  I KNOW she will love the "Eggs for Sale" sign because I love it.

One look askew from her and I know what she is saying without her having to say a word.  We both KNOW that that armoire is way overpriced.

She holds up a tablecloth woven in the 40's with red polka-dotted mushrooms and we both just know.  We are cut from the same cloth, that girl and I.

I know that with a few choice words of encouragement from me, she will buy that chandelier for her new home and those lovely cottage paintings in the just-right colors.  We both know what our husbands will say when we drag home things that leave a trail of paint chips through the house.

At the end of the day (after the deals have been had, the shutters and shelves and benches have been coaxed into the truck, and the sweaty bodies and tired feet bask in the air conditioning) it's about being known, isn't it?  Isn't that one of my deepest desires?  To be truly known and accepted and loved?

Thus, I'm so very thankful today for L who I know and who is a joy and who knows and loves me.  And I'm most of all thankful for the reminder that she is to me of the One who TRULY knows me.  The One who sees the depths of my heart and loves me the same.  The One who knit me together and numbers the hairs on my head and through faith, counts me as worthy of His righteousness.

"BLESS (affectionately, gratefully praise) the Lord,
O my soul; and all that is [deepest] within me,
bless His holy name!"

Psalm 103:1 (Amplified Bible)

May you know that you are known today,


photos: antique hunting this weekend and also a few pictures from our fun trip here last fall
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