He knows

4,745 mornings ago, I overslept.  I never heard my alarm.  I was deep la-la-land when the ringing telephone broke into my dream and lurched me upright in bed.  It was my friend calling to say she was on her way to pick me up to bring me to the salon to get my hair done for MY WEDDING.  Yes, I overslept on my wedding day.  

It gives me comfort to remember now that God knew.  He knew I'd do that and He made sure my friend called and that I'd hear it and make it to the appointment and feel beautiful on my wedding day.

He brought this man and I together.  He was delighted to form that covenant between Mr. and Mrs. and Himself. 

He knew every struggle and every joy we would and will share.  ALL of it grace and gift to us.

I'm so thankful today that He knows and blesses, carries and forgives, and goes before me always.

Adding here to the never-ending list of thanks....

349. 13 years with the person He purposed to journey with me since before time began
350. the glint in his eye and his laugh
351. his usually-shaven head all grown out with hair curling up under his baseball cap...just the way I like it

352. the three blessings He knew He would create from our love
353. her morning cheerfulness
354. her in Daddy's strong embrace
355. tiny hands
356. sunny mornings
357. the smell of his french-pressed coffee

358. yesterday with it's cup-overfloweth, poured-out worship time, lunch al fresco with his parents, boat ride and beach
359. discovering the most beautiful, isolated beach-sand dunes-woods-rope swing this side of Hawaii
360. so close to home!
361. the anticipation of going back (with my camera next time!!!)
362. these lovely birds and hundreds of their homes dug out in the banks os sand
363. swooping out of their holes right over your head...startling...us laughing
364. black sand we didn't know existed along the shore of Lake Michigan reminding us, again, of our honeymoon and our second honeymoon a couple of summers ago
365. oliver and lucy coated from head to toe in black

367. all the color He creates
368. healthier starts to our day
369. falling into bed after the weekend's hard work
370. sore muscles=getting stronger
371. knowing that even if I feel a sense of dread about all the work of this week, He WILL walk with me and give me strength to accomplish what need's to be done
371. HE provides

"Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God hath done!
Count your blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done."

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