"Count it all joy, my brothers..."
James 1:2

Ambling amidst the daisies,
or presiding over warm, clean, rumpled clothes,
or gripping the paintbrush,
or congratulating graduates.

Reigning in the children,
or mashing the potatoes,
or soaking up spills,
or laying out tomorrow's clothes.

Bubbling the bath,
or arranging the flowers,
or eeking out the push-ups,
or swatting the mosquitoes,
or twice-daily watering the blooms.

In all these, I count the joy.  
And, honestly, sometimes the joy counting is delayed.  It comes in the looking back....the remembering.  I shamefully all too often fly through the day unaware of the downpour He's drenching me with.  Gift after gift after gift.

So, I wrack my brain and it's not too hard to see...to remember the ways He's poured His goodness down upon me.

#307. animal-adoring boy who brings home
#308. wandering, wide-eyed, teenage killdeer with the cutest,
pointiest beak and noisy call
#309. and when we all return him across the street,
we get to see God's design at work in
the parent faking injury to lure us away
(almost tricked me for a minute!)

#310. moss-covered tree stumps
#311.  He daily sustains and grows His world
#312. walks in the woods in the middle of the day in the middle of the week
#313. color, just color

#314. sustenance to harvest
#315. the actual harvesting....hope....what will there be today?
#316. red ripe berries and brown speckled eggs

#317. being able to laugh at myself (I certainly have lots of opportunities...I guess I can't balance 3 eggs and a dozen berries in my hand to get the shot!)

#318. returning home after adventures
#319. birds out the window who patiently wait for hungry squirrels to go away
#320. foggy mornings...being amidst the clouds!
#321. cloudless days...blue skies

#322. eyes to see that all is gift

May you feel His drenching today and count it all joy!

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