boy's heaven and girl's floral design

What a time those boys had!  Daddy took them on an informal father/son overnight trip this past weekend.  It was a boy's (AND men's) heaven including zooming around on quads, target shooting, tents, a port-a-potty, fire and wearing the same dirty clothes for two days in a row.  What could be better for them....boys and men who are BUILT for adventure?! :)  They are made for danger and risk (that's what I kept reminding myself as I pictured my not-quite-7-year-old speeding through the woods on a full-size 4-wheeler and shooting a gun longer than he is tall!)

And it swelled this mama's heart with joy seeing all these Godly dads investing time and memories and the strong qualities of God into their boys.  

Smiling, I have to add that this mama may have taken a quad for a fast ride, racing with (or against) my husband through the church's field across the street, alarming all the neighbors and feeling like a teenager!  Thanks goes out to my husband's student who so generously loaned them to us for the weekend (even if they did instill a dangerous taste to own some of our own!)

So us girls...little Lucy and I...had work to do while the boys were away playing.  Since I've been 16 years old, I've worked on a very on-call, emergency basis for a florist here in town...a wildly talented woman who has worked out of her home designing for weddings and corporate events for over 30 years.  Having received my Dad's right-brained creativity, I discovered when I was 15 and working in a flower shop that I have a penchant, I guess a gift, for taking loose flowers and turning them into arrangements.  I've been known to say that it just comes naturally to me but I've come to see the truth that it is a true gift and talent given from God.  Thank you, Lord!  It can be so much fun...so instantly gratifying to put something together that will bring joy to a bride and groom!

Anyways, since Daddy and brothers were gone over the weekend and the "flower lady" (as the kids call her) needed me, Lucy had to come with.  She had such fun. She brought me flowers.  She counted out flowers.  She picked up all the bits and pieces on the floor.  She handed out candles.  I was so proud of her hard work and patience with Mommy who was very busy.  

I thought to grab my camera that morning to snap a few of the flowers and my girl (being silly above).  

Floral design is wonderful, creative work but it not "all roses" all the time.  It's part of the service industry.  It involves crazy perishable things, counting on suppliers, tons of last minute work, transporting, emotional brides and their mothers, stress (it is someone's WEDDING, after all), and gads of physical work and heavy lifting.

The "flower lady" and I had to add in all the "picky" flowers right on site...the peonies and lisianthus which do not last for more than a day in warm churches.

We've been on-site and had vases break, things forgotten, tipping arrangements and candles.  Just this past January, there was a bride who took her bouquet outside for pictures in 0 degree weather....freezing her entire bouquet in a matter of minutes.  My boss, the "flower lady", was so upset and disheveled that she threw the black, mushy bouquet at me and said, "I can't deal with this.  YOU take care of it.  Make her a new one with whatever we have left".  So I had to make a whole new bridal bouquet while the mistress of cermonies lady was breathing down my neck for it.  

(there are a few more pics on my Flickr site if you're interested to see more)

But please forgive me for sounding like I'm complaining.  I'm not!  It's just never boring is all.  I'm greatly blessed with the chance to make some extra money and to use this gift God saw fit to give me, while still being a full-time, stay-at-home, homeschooling mom!

So, I'm wishing you a day FULL of adventure and using the gifts He's given YOU!
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