miscellaneous wednesday and never too busy

I'm in the thick of it....
garage sale pricing.

Clearing stuff out declutters my heart.  I heart clearing out.  I heart paring down. I heart empty storage areas, sparse closets, empty shelves. (Yes, I know from my pictures my home can look cluttered...eek...but I truly do have a "bring something in, take something out" policy!)  I heart giving things away.  

And sometimes I heart having a good garage sale.  Or maybe where you live it's called a yard sale or a tag sale.  You know what I mean.  

So, goodbye Lucy's 3T clothes that kept her warm and enhanced her cute...off to clothe someone else's precocious girl. Goodbye Thomas trains that were joyously crashed and bashed for years....off to bring glee to another boy.  Goodbye books that were read and have been gathering dust....off to grace another's shelves.  Goodbye Mom's never-used steamer....off to dewrinkle someone else's clothes.  Goodbye perfectly lovely antique china bits and pieces....if you haven't been touched in a year, it's your time to go.

On another note, something I recently brought home...I rescued this birdie from the local antique mall for $1.00.  She had broken off of something and she made me smile.  Welcome home (for now) little bird!

And my thoughtful husband rescued these beautiful feathers from a turkey that had recently been killed by the side of the road.  He screeched out a U-turn to pluck them out for us.  We're feather-lovers here.  

In the midst of price tags and boxes and hangers, I'm never too busy to take the time to drink in my Lord through His creation.  Look at the chive blooms in the garden....

and the sky He gave tonight!  He reminds that He's here even when I'm alone in a room attaching stickers to piles of books.

Lastly, I leave you with a tidbit of miscellany I had a fancy to share with you.  I LOVE documentaries.  The slow pace, the narration, the honesty, the empathy they can invoke.  Seeing things from another's viewpoint even if, or maybe, especially if it's not my own.  Not that a documentary has ever changed my worldview but I have been deeply moved by the character and make-up of human beings that God created.  

I recently watched this heart-wrenching but hopeful one about the most beautiful women in Africa and the doctors who are changing their lives.

While scouring the kitchen the other day, I watched this one out of curiosity and while I don't agree with everything that was said, I did find much merit in many of their ideas on what's healthy for this planet that God gave us.

Finally, I have watched this documentary series over and over again.  My chest tightens even when I'm just typing about it here.  Years ago when it first aired on PBS, I was engrossed and glued to the screen...so sad every night when it was finished.  Now I check it out from the library and watch while I'm washing dishes.  And never fail at the end of it all, I'm breathless and pleading with hubby to move us out to no-man's land Montana.  I cry every time I hear the young boy lamenting that in the 21st century he "just has so much stuff " that he's just "bored with it all".  Try to watch it if you can!!!

Ooo, I just remembered one more that I watched on PBS a few weeks ago that absolutely broke my heart.  I (who am not under normal circumstances am NOT a  "cryer") sobbed buckets as I watched this extraordinarily adorable boy (sweet and full of spunk, too) be ripped from his family and placed to live out the rest of his days in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery.  He was 3 or 4 at the time, the same age as my Lucy. Watch and pray.

(One more note - a clarification in case all this documentary-love sounds to you like TV addiction:  We are generally a non-TV watching home.  I search these documentaries out to watch online, multi-tasking with more mundane duties.  And the kids only screen viewing occurs when something is brought home from the library or time-to-time things online with me.  No judging here of others choices!  Just so you know.....)

Nothing is miscellaneous to God!
Happy Wednesday to you!
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