happy window shopping + teensy-tiny things

The littlest one and I stopped by a favorite cozy shop the other day for some window shopping.  Her little fingers were itching to touch all the pretty things.

Padding across the painted floors, she and I ooed and aahhed over speckled bird's eggs, creamy green milkglass cups, ruffled floral aprons, chippy paint cupboards, colorful fabric birds, sweet-smelling soaps.

It's a tiny place, really, in what used to be someone's happy home.  After we creaked up and then down the stairs, we headed outside to the nursery.  Yes, there's a small greenhouse there too.  They specialize in fairy gardens....tiny places that make you want to be an inch tall.

I gave the gleeful girl the go-ahead (Yes!) to touch the itsy-bitsy pots and benches and birdbaths.  I'm smiling now remembering her joy.  

What is it about miniature things?  I carry vivid memories of an intricately detailed dollhouse that was on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago when I was little.  I couldn't believe it.  The lights really worked?!  How did they make forks so small?!  What was written in those miniscule books?!  Still today, anything teeny-tiny and true to life makes me so happy!  I took the kids to see a miniature White House last spring and they had to drag Mommy away.

I want to live here.  This modern living room looks like a good place to cozy up with a book.  Oh to wander through this one!  Gasp, sigh, uugh....this one takes the cake!!!  I could go on and on with endless dollhouse links but sleep is calling to me and you have things to do!

I hope you enjoyed window shopping with Lucy and I today!

If you missed my homeschool timeline post, you can find me over here today.

May He bring you teeny-tiny HUGE happiness this weekend!
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