day at the park thanks

Coral blooms ablaze,
leaves unfurling like a tightly pleated skirt,
tree with broad arms reaching to scoop us up,
the most amazing, teeny-tiniest snail shell we've ever seen.

Endless wonders we beheld that day at the park last week.  We woke to bright sun and warm air.  "School's at the park today!"  Heavy-laden with books and camera and blanket and snacks, we headed out to spend the morning climbing trees, reading under them, searching out the wonders of His creation.

Oh, we weren't disappointed!

Between Mondays, the list of gratitude overflows.

#217. freedom to follow the sun
#218. and have school in the park
#219. these twin trees with their wide-reaching arms
#220. perfect for boys built with tree-climbing love in their hearts

#221. incredible, miniscule spiral treasure
#222. triple-grande, nonfat, white chocolate mocha
#223. four of us laying on vintage, patchwork blanket
#224. reading books about Jefferson and insects and the great big world
#225. created for Your Glory, Lord! Thank You, thank You!

#226. seriously, look at that pleated wonder He made!
#227. He continues to grow and nurture His creation
#228. including me
#229. He uses other people's words.....like in this book
#230. and this one that affirms my convictions about being a s.l.o.w. family

#231. eight years so far with my precious firstborn
#232. still seeing the fuzzy-headed, chubby baby when I gaze at his face
#233. his big almond eyes melt me
#234. he's still the cuddliest child
#235. hearing him sing this

#236. safety in high places
#237. comfort in low ones

#238. Staghorn Sumac (hee, hee...i never knew what that was called until just now!  thanks, google.)
#239. plants that are covered in fuzz like antlers
#240. Lamb's Ear to tickle the cheek

#241. how creeks and downed logs can bring such joy to these boys
#242. little girl who always wants to keep up with big brothers
#243. streams of water that glisten and meander and foster frogs and minnows

#244. this girl, oh, this girl
#245. this girl is so strong and fearless...so different from this mama when she was young
#246. yellow hair that won't behave
#247. her "lellow" is now "yellow" (bittersweet)

#248. strong bodies
#249. savoring these fleeting days
#250. what a glorious gift to be able to spend them with these growing acorns

#251. purple surprises amongst the green and brown
#252. flowers He made just because!
#253. knowing that there are wonders no man has ever beheld
#254. how basking in nature centers and gives perspective of our Big God, much like a visual timeline gives to history

#255. bridges to cross
#256. paths to follow
#257. the clear paths He lays out for us....good paths

Well, the list could go on and on but time for recording it down here is against me. 
This "lellow"-haired girl and I send you wishes for a wonderful week in Him.

holy experience
(I have to reiterate my thanks to Ann for creating and fostering
this community of gratitude!)
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