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Wanting to have something the kid's would enjoy for dessert on Sunday, I made these chocolate chip buttercream sandwich cookies.

They were a big hit.

Now, I thought I had tried every chocolate chip cookie recipe that existed but I was wrong.  I stumbled across this one and gave it a go.  The cookies were just right for making sandwiches with.....quite flat, a bit crisp on the edges, not too crisp that they would crumble or cause all the buttercream to squish out, and chewy in the middle.  The recipe calls for melted butter and the mixing is different as well.  The dough is very shiny and gooey but strangely doesn't spread out too big on the baking sheet.  They are HUGE though, so half of a sandwich is plenty for a serving.  

The buttercream came from this recipe.  A number of years ago before I had my (precious) babies, I made cakes for people....for money (and enjoyment).  Forgive me if I sound snobbish but buttercream is not shortening and powdered sugar.  It's actually not even butter and powdered sugar.  True buttercream is like nothing else....oh....melty on your tongue....perfectly silky smooth, not too sweet and.....buttery (duh).  It is SOOO worth the extra effort (and all the butter).  May I give one word of advice?  Never, EVER use salted butter in place of unsalted butter unless you like the taste of salty frosting. (Trust me...I regretfully speak from experience!)

Anyways, here are some shots of the making....

The recipe didn't call for it but everything is better with Heath toffee chips.

Mmmmm.....yummy.  They were even better after they had been refrigerated a while.  Oooo, they'd be good frozen, too!

Well, I'm sugared out just writing this post so Lucy and I will just leave you with a wish for a lovely, sweet day!

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