create: you must meet geninne!!!

Are you ready for some sunshine in your day?
Loveliness to gaze upon?
Creativity and talent to behold?

I would like to introduce you to Geninne Zlatkis....
a gloriously talented artist.
I know you'll be pleased to make her acquaintance.
Oh, how her birds make me want to sing!

Here is how Urban Outfitters described her:

"Living 9842 feet above sea level in a forest near Mexico City, Geninne Zlatkis draws inspiration from the nature and animals around her to create happy, uplifting images that are finished with a pleasant and welcoming twist."

She homeschools, she creates, she illustrates, she journals, she blogs, she has an etsy shop!  Etsy interviewed her here as one of their featured sellers.

Just feast your eyes on these beauties....

I had such a hard time choosing which pieces to include here.  Truly everything she creates in stunning.  You can purchase her prints, hand-carved stamps and more at her Etsy shop.

This one below takes my breath away....

On her blog, she's created a video series in which you can watch her at work!

Thank you, Gennine, for sharing your amazing work with us!
Now, you 3 readers, GO check out her blog!

Here's what Geninne's creativity inspired us to try....

Have a wonderful day...keeping your eyes wide open to the beauty of everyday life!


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