snapshots from a home on wednesday

this blog is a mish-mash of sorts.

monday I shared in this space about my heart for africa....the burden i feel for children living in poverty...my desire to help in the name of Christ.

and today i'm going to share some snapshots from my home....for fun....because i feel like it....because the sun's shining....because it's warm enough to have the front door wide open (when you live in michigan, 45 degrees is warm enough)---and so, i open it to you.

i have to say, i struggle with the dichotomy of that...one day africa, one day decorating.  

around Christmas time, i was wrestling with that same issue and ann pointed me to this blog post which assuaged some of my nest-feathering guilt. God is the ultimate creative Creator.  as His image-bearer, i have been created to create, as well.  i make our home beautiful all the while keeping perspective.....holding loosely to all these "things" that in truth are worthless, rotting dust.

thus, my snapshots of home below.  most everything i decorate with is thrifted, antique-shopped, estate-saled, or garage-saled.  i cringe when something costs over $10.  i decorate and buy things that put a smile on my face and some of the happiest treasures found have been the $1 items.  

"thank you, Lord, for beauty to surround...a cozy, secure nest to thrive and grow in, knowing You are our True Home....all things only possible through your Grace."

i'm so glad you stopped by.
come again soon.

now, go enjoy a cup of hot chocolate!


p.s. i'm leaving on a jet plane tonight...tagging along with hubby who's going to a soccer coaching conference.  heading somewhere we've never had a desire to visit but it will be warm and sunny...yeah!  i'm determined to return home with a camera-full of God's beauty!  have a wonderful weekend!

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