Creator praise

"Before the mountains were born
or You brought forth the earth and the world,
from everlasting to everlasting

You are God."

Psalm 90:2

in praise...

You knew
the steel
would carry
to canyon
to a deeper vision

rock You
set my feet upon
crafted by Your
for your pleasure
for your

my Rock
you set my feet upon
solid ground


continuing to number His glorious ways...

#61. You, creator of winged creatures, gave man knowledge
to create winged steel...
#62. because of which I can be in Michigan in the morning and amongst red canyons in the afternoon...that will never cease to amaze me

#63. Your heart etched in stone
#64. feet to carry, climb, clamber

#65. red rendering me speechless
#66. turquoise blue sky
#67. You are a master painter

#70. You've given me a companion for the journey
#71. perfect silence broken by breezes and birds

#72. plants reminding to reach for light

#73. Your graffiti

#74. this family of five built upon You
#75. trusting that those three were in good hands...theirs and Yours

#76. masterpiece upon masterpiece!

#78. oh, how You shine even in the darkest of places!
#79. Your grace upon my own dark heart
#80. a foretaste of Home

holy experience

Thank you, Ann, for opening my eyes to how gratitude opens my eyes.

May you bask in His warmth today.

I leave you with a well-loved prayer from a well-loved book...my prayer today...

"Almighty God, who art ever present in the world without me, in my spirit within me, and in the unseen world above me, let me carry with me throught this day's life a most real sense of Thy power and the glory.
O God without me, forbid that I should look today upon the work of Thy hands and give no thought to Thee the Maker.  Let the heavens declare Thy glory to me and the hills Thy majesty.  Let every fleeting loveliness I see speak to me of a loveliness that does not fade.  Le the beauty of the earth be to me a sacrament of the beauty of holiness made manifest in Jesus Christ my Lord.
O God within me, give me grace today to recognize the stirrings of Thy Spirit within my soul and to listen most attentively to all that Thou hast to say to me. Let not the noises of the world ever so confuse me that I cannot hear Thee speak.  Suffer me never to deceive myself as to the meaning of Thy commands; and so let me in all things obey Thy will, through the grace of Jesus Christ my Lord.

O God above me, God who dwellest in light unapproachable, teach me, I beseech Thee, that even my highest thoughts of Thee are but dim and distant shadowings of Thy transcendent glory.  Teach me that if Thou art in nature, still more art Thou greater than nature.  Teach me that if Thou art in my heart, still more art Thou greater than my heart.  Let my soul rejoice in Thy mysterious greatness.  Let me take refuge in the thought that Thou art utterly beyond me, beyond the sweep of my imagination, beyond the comprehension of my mind, Thy judgement being unsearchable and Thy ways past finding out.

O, Lord, hallowed be Thy name. Amen." -Baillie
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