meet me

Hey there, You!
Glad you came to visit.
I suppose you clicked here to find out a bit more about this ContentedSparrow person, yes?
Well, who I am is written all over the pages of this space.....a cozy virtual place about my very real life.
Categorizing my blog has always been hard for me because it's just everything I live and love, bits and pieces of messy 'ol me.
You might like to know that I'm a Christ-follower.
I married my high school sweetheart, my manly man, when I was 21 and am blessed to walk hand-in-hand with him through this journey of life.  We'll celebrate 15 years in 2012 - woot-woot!  (p.s. Why does 21 sound SO young to me now??)
By God's amazing grace, He gave us three babies who are our greatest joy.  Also because of His gracious hand, I get to stay home with them, living and learning together as we homeschool.  At 10, 8-1/2 and 5-1/2, I don't suppose they're babies anymore!

Now on to the important stuff......
I love
coffee with a bit of cream but quad-venti, nonfat, no whip Pumpkin Spice Lattes the very best
flip-flops 'til the snow flies
cooking, baking and feeding them well
needle and thread
the hum of a sewing machine
vintage things with a sense of humor
girlfriends to know (& love) and be known by
colorful maps
a fresh journal
my backyard chickens
potatoes fresh from the garden
experiencing Him through the work of His hands, His unbelievably beautiful creation!
thrift-store hunting
capturing moments
losing myself in worship of Him
dreaming about what He might have in store for us
crackling fireplaces
fresh baked bread with butter
they are still laying
getting lost in a book
warm sand in my toes
how He speaks through His Word
googling my endless curiosities
learning new things
cozy, sandy comfort
listening for ways to serve Him
moving an idea from my head to something in my hands
old white farmhouses with white barns
actually, i heart ALL barns
my farm dreams
yeah! gardening time again!
brie and raspberries
watching those kids together
dates with my man
snowmobiling and boating and going fast
busy hands
being at HOME
living simply and slowly
counting out His gifts

the freedom I have in Christ and slowly realizing just how much He really does love me (and you!)


I also love hearing from you! So, shoot me an email any time. Your words are a gift to me. Blessed to be on this journey with you.

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