food, glorious food....inspirational links *updated

As I've mentioned before, I like to cook. I like to bake. I like to peruse cooking blogs and cookbooks. Basically, I like to eat good (i.e. tasty) food.

So, we'll get straight to the links....food bloggers taking gorgeous pictures of their creations...Mennnonite cooking ladies....sweet-makers....recipes.

Like my other linking pages, I'll continue to add inspirational food related spaces as I come across them...so, check back often.


pinch my salt
smitten kitchen
chocolate and zucchini
101 cookbooks
mennonite girls can cook
two peas and their pod
pioneer woman-cooking
tasty kitchen
the casual baker
homesick texan
in praise of leftovers
cream puffs in venice
cherry menlove-food
everyday food blog-martha stewart
spain ...on the road again- I thoroughly enjoyed this travelogue/cooking series...you can watch some episodes online or get it from your library
love and olive oil

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